Weather for Greenville, NC

Currently: 38°F, Rain


Sunday, December 9th
Low: 32; High: 41; Rain And Snow

Monday, December 10th
Low: 35; High: 42; Rain And Snow

Tuesday, December 11th
Low: 31; High: 45; Partly Cloudy

Wednesday, December 12th
Low: 29; High: 48; Partly Cloudy

Thursday, December 13th
Low: 34; High: 53; Mostly Cloudy

Friday, December 14th
Low: 43; High: 62; Scattered Showers

Saturday, December 15th
Low: 46; High: 56; Scattered Thunderstorms

Sunday, December 16th
Low: 43; High: 55; Partly Cloudy

Monday, December 17th
Low: 42; High: 56; Partly Cloudy

Tuesday, December 18th
Low: 39; High: 55; Partly Cloudy